Over the years, we have been fortunate enough to work in variety of industry sectors. Some of these include; Office, Commercial, Aviation, Marine, Industrial, Railways, Education, Retail and more. Below is a list of the industries we frequently work in:

Commercial / Office Aviation Industry Industrial Transportation Leisure & Retail Railway / Underground
Commercial / Office Aviation Industrial Transportation Leisure & Retail Railway / Underground
Conference & Venues Schools Universities Data Centres Hospitality Healthcare
Conference & Venues Schools Universities Data Centres Hospitality Healthcare
Colleges Nurseries Highways Places of Worship Retirement & Care Homes Student Developments
Colleges Nurseries Highways Places of Worship Retirement & Care Homes Student Developments

Office: Netserve have supported many small, medium and large companies in either setting up their new offices or making changes to existing ones. Netserve operate nationally but offer a bespoke and tailored solution to all of our clients. We aim to provide cost effectives solutions so that our customers can maximise on their investments.

Industrial: Netserve carry out many industrial installations for all types and sizes of businesses. Netserve will carry out new installations as well as modifying existing systems to either maximise the business’s potential or modify and expand their existing capabilities to meet further demands due to changing needs.

Education: Netserve have carried out many installations in schools, colleges and universities and are now preferred partners for many local authorities and multi academy trusts. We work quickly, efficiently with minimum disruption and are flexible enough to not disrupt school schedules and working days. Background checks are carried out on our teams regularly to provide safety and security to our clients as well as to maintain Netserve’s exemplary reputation in the industry.

Retail: We have been recently honoured to work with a large supermarket chain development in Coventry. Aside from Coventry being our home city, it’s exciting to see the development and progress being made in the advancement of digitisation. This project involved the installation of security, CCTV, data, access control and telephone systems with the contract being awarded to Netserve by one of our valued customers in Ireland.

Hospitality: Netserve have the privilege of working with some global hospitality chains, carrying out installations in their UK based hotels to ensure customer satisfaction and impressive reviews where data and internet usage is concerned. We carry out installations in 4- and 5-star hotels across the UK, either on new installations, modifications of expansion. Customer service is key in this sector and Netserve always accommodate to the client’s needs to ensure the end user’s customer satisfaction is never affected.

Aviation: Netserve have been involved in the recent expansion of services supporting Birmingham Airport. Netserve have recently installed structured cabling infrastructure for new security systems that have been put in place at this airport and other local airports. Netserve work in conjunction with all of our clients to ensure we exceed the brief and impress with our professionalism, customer service and flexibility to customer’s needs. For this and some of our other projects, we have to demonstrate integrity, confidentiality and pass numerous and varied background checks.

Accommodation: Netserve have carried out many installations in large accommodation buildings (flats, student halls). These projects are large and complex with many teams and functions involved. Netserve work with the principal contractor to deliver the vision in respect of data, CCTV, security, and telephony requirements. We work flexibly and efficiently with project completion being at the forefront of our activities.

Events: Netserve support a variety of large one-off events too, installing temporary infrastructures for customers, indoors or outdoors. Examples include parties, concerts etc. We provide temporary solutions with health & safety and reliability at the heart of all of our installations in such instances.

Manufacturing: Netserve supports many manufacturing companies, local and multi-nationals, our purpose is two-fold. Firstly, to ensure their operations are not disrupted by data failures and therefore support 24/7 as necessary. Second, to support expansion of operations as the needs of our customer’s business changes.

Marine: Netserve have worked on some large cruise ships as well as UK based marina’s. Carrying out fibre and data installations for comms, security and entertainment systems. All our installations must meet marine grade specifications, and be totally reliable to ensure the safety of passengers and crew whilst sailing the oceans.

Country Estates: Netserve have had the privilege of carrying out many bespoke installations for many high-net-worth individuals, coming from varied backgrounds such as sport, TV, or self-made, most being household names. Client confidentiality, providing a professional, efficient and personalised service are all of paramount importance to both Netserve and its clients. We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of service time and again, all by word of mouth.

Railway: Following an understandably intensive selection process, Netserve were selected to install fibre cabling for two new London Underground tube stations. This project took 15 weeks to complete, working in conjunction with varied contractors, agencies and London Underground departments, all whilst complying with the necessary safety procedures you would expect to be associated with such an important transportation system in the heart of the capital.

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