Network Data Cabling – Our lifestyles have totally transformed as we have grown dependent on technology and innovation. Due to swift communication and data transferring techniques, we are more reliant on technology when it comes to shopping, travelling, and staying connected with our loved ones along with other similar things.

All the developments which we see around us today; most of these have been possible because of Network Data Cabling. Network Cabling provides us with a complete telecommunication infrastructure, which ultimately serves us in data services, telephone services, internet services, and other transmission services.

Network Data Cabling is also known as Structured Cabling or Data Cabling. We can provide this service starting from a Survey, Design, Installation, Testing and Maintenance. Network Cabling is not only used for Computers but also for Telephone Systems (Voice), Printers, Wireless Access Points, CCTV systems and more.

Types of Copper Cabling

The structured cabling infrastructure is supported by the network of cables, which mostly are of Category 5, 5e, 6 and 6a. The type of wiring category installed is also governed by wiring standards. Basic explanations of these wiring categories are discussed below:

Not often used these days as they have been replaced by Cat 5e. The Cat 5 cables are commonly used for telephones and fax systems. Maximum speeds this cable can handle is 10/100Mbps at up to 100MHz bandwidth.

The most commonly used type of cable and is also known as Cat 5 Enhanced. This cable was designed to reduce the amount of cross talk. Cat 5e cabling can handle 1000Mbps speeds (Gigabit) at 100MHz bandwidth.

This cable has been highly improved over Cat 5e and is capable of 10Gbps of at 250Mhz bandwidth up to about 50 meters. Most businesses are having Cat 6 cabling installed into their premises as a way of future proofing.

Similar to the Cat 6 cable, 6a also is cable of 10Gbps but at 500Mhz and up to 100 meters. This is a much thicker cable and costly cable compared to the rest.

Benefits of Structured Cabling

In these contemporary times, internet and associated networking have become essential for the growth of an enterprise. For this, companies are looking for better, faster and reliable connections, which will add proficiency to their systems. Structured Cabling systems have provided companies with a solution to maintain connectivity in a better and efficient way, which is why more and more businesses are opting to have their offices cabled professionally.

Here are some of the benefits of have a Structured Network Cabling:

  • Speed: Speed is the most important thing especially when it comes to data transfer. Users who have a faster connection, have the ability to work faster, load websites and images faster. Not only is having a structured cabling system good for users but for the IT Staff also; all cables are stored neatly in one or a number of cabinets which can be patched into different networks within seconds.
  • Convenience: Having all cabling terminating in 1 desired location, allows IT/Network engineers to easily configure and change their network according to their needs. The ability to patch the cables into voice and data networks can be done very easily.
  • Aesthetics: Cabling can be easily hidden within ceilings, walls and different types of trunking. With multiple types of connector modules, the RJ45 ports can be well hidden in any type of room.

At Netserve Cabling we pride ourselves in offering professional Network Data Cabling services. We are accredited by the leading manufactures such as HellermannTyton, Brand-Rex and Nexans. We are also City & Guilds qualified including being members of Bicsi and FIA. We are able to offer 25 year manufacturer backed warranties on installs we carry out. We are also IPAF certified which allows our engineers to safely work at height!

Cable Containment

We can also provide cable containment services, whether that’s trunking, conduits, cable trays or data/network cabinets. We would obviously like to hide all cabling for aesthetic reason but in some cases this is not possible. We can provide all types of trunking for your needs, whether that’s mini trunking, maxi trunking or dado trunking. We are also able to supply and install all types of cable trays. We can also supply and fit comms cabinets (or data cabinets), which help with the containment of all of your cables. We can provide and fit wall mounted 3U cabinet up to floor standing 42U cabinets.

Areas we cover

We have been fortunate enough to carry out cabling works throughout Europe. We cover ALL areas within the UK and Europe, majority of our work is in the following areas: Coventry (Warwickshire), Nuneaton (Warwickshire), Leicester (Leicestershire), Rugby (Warwickshire), Leamington (Warwickshire), Solihull (West Midlands), Birmingham (West Midlands), Redditch (Worcestershire), Worcester (Worcestershire), Tamworth (Staffordshire).

Where is Data Cabling used?


Industrial Buildings

Data Centre’s

Hotel & Apartments


Leisure & Retail

Commercial Buildings

Educational Sector

and many more…

The process

Network Data CablingThe initial process will start by receiving a floor plan or conducting a site survey. We would then be able to assess what exactly is required to sufficiently complete your cabling requirements. We will be able confirm how cable runs will be made, where to make holes and fit cable trays and trunking. We will also be able to determine the types of outlets, patch panels, data cabinets and networking equipment that will be used. If our detailed quotation is approved, we will then agree a date and prepare to carry out your cabling works.

We are accredited with leading suppliers of cabling systems like HellermannTyton, Nexans and BrandRex, including being approved by Bicsi, SafeContractor, FIA and IPAF.

We can mount cabling on ceilings, walls, suspended ceilings and purpose mounted poles. We will ensure the cables are ran neatly as with any equipment that is mounted. We use Cable Trays, Cable Baskets and different types of trunking.

We are able to run the correct amount of cabling for the desired number of outlets at your location. These cables can be hidden in different types of containments or under floors/above ceilings. We will also terminate cable runs and carry out final tests on cables to ensure the desired transmission capability.

We can terminate on both outlet and cabinet end. We terminate using jacks, toolless jacks and using the traditional punch down method. We will ensure all cabling is tested using the very latest Fluke testing equipment. You will receive reports of all tests carried out.

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