Netserve Cabling offer professional Fibre Rod Roping Coventry services. Our fibre services range from basic splicing, cable jointing, branch outs, OTDR testing and Cable pulling.

For us to ensure cabling can be installed, we will firstly need to survey the route. This includes our engineers coming out to site and rodding each underground duct to ensure it is free for a cable install. Ducting can collapse and develop a blockage over time. Depending on the requirements, we can also install a rope so a cable can be pulled through at a later date.

Our engineers have successfully carried out work for BT and Virgin networks in the UK, sub stations, industrial units and more. We are able to plan and design communication networks as well as implementation.

Fibre Optics is nothing more than tiny strands of plastic or glass which carries light along its thin fibres, trapping it within its core by using scientific principles of reflection. The light in the fibre optic cabling hits at a specific angle, which is then reflected at such an angle that no light escapes the fibre stream.

We are accredited by the leading manufacturers such as HellermannTytonBrand-Rex and Nexans. We are also City & Guilds qualified including being members of Bicsi and FIA. We are able to offer 25 year manufacturer backed warranties on installs we carry out. We are also IPAF certified which allows our engineers to safely work at height!

Our Core Fibre Services

Our Fibre Rod Roping Coventry services come under the following categories:

Fibre Survey / Rod & Roping –  We can carry out a comprehensive Fibre survey, we would measure distances and see floor plans to understand the most efficient way of installing. If the cable require underground routing, if ducting exists we are able to ensure routes are clear for the installation of fibre. If ducting does not exist we can also provide a competitive quotation for ducting and man hole installations.

Cable Routing / Pulling – Cable routes are decided depending on the most convenient routes and accessible routes. If routes do not exist we can look into creating routes for cables to be installed. We make use of winching systems to pull through larger lengths of cabling.

Fusion Splicing –  Fusion Splicing is the process of joining or welding two optic fibres using heat, using an electric arc to melt the fibres together. The fusion splicer will then indicate how much of a loss the join has created, it is important to have a good splice, this ensures that light is not scatted or reflected back down the fibre.

Cable Termination – Fibre Termination refers to a cable that is ready to be inserted into network equipment. It is at the final stage of the fibre cable install process. The termination usually consists of connectors or these days the industry tends to use pigtails which are pre-terminated cables.

Fibre Testing – Fibre Testing can be carried out in a number of ways. Depending on your requirements, we are able to carry out the following types of testing: OTDR, ILM and Visual Light Testing. After fibre installations we carry out a comprehensive test and provide you with a full report for your records.

Fibre Repairs – We offer fibre repairs on all types of cables in any location. If a cable has been accidentally damaged and you require an emergency fibre repair then please do not hesitate to give us a call. On quite a few occasions we have had the cable repaired and network back up and running within 1.5 hours of the initial phone call! We carried out repairs ranging from construction damages to rodent damage. Once repairs are complete, we will test the cable to ensure the repairs are performing correctly.

Blown Fibre – Fibre blowing is a process of blowing a cable into a duct using compressed air. A blowing machine inserts compressed air into the pipe and pushes the cable through. This is currently the most effective way of installing fibre over long distances and we have successfully carried out many blown fibre installs.

Cable Containment – We can also provide cable containment services, whether that’s trunking, conduits, cable trays or data/network cabinets.

Areas we cover

We have been fortunate enough to carry out cabling works throughout Europe. We cover ALL areas within the UK and Europe. Below is a list of sectors where Fibre Rod Roping Coventry is most commonly used:

Industrial Buildings

Hotel & Apartments

Commercial Buildings
Educational Sector

Leisure & Retail
and many more…

The process

If you are interested in our Fibre Rod Roping Coventry services, the first step would be to get in touch with us so we can then assess your requirements. Depending on what work needs to be carried we can then arrange a survey or meeting and provide you with a competitive quotation. After acceptance, we will carry out the following:

After a full onsite survey, we will be able to determine the most efficient route for your Fibre. For below ground installs, containment will be single or bundles of ducting. Above ground installs; we use cable trays, catenary wiring and external trunking. We will ensure the cables are ran neatly as with any equipment that is mounted.

After a survey has been carried out and quotation accepted, we will ensure our engineers are on site first thing to begin works, ensuring all health and safety procedures are adhered to during the install. The installs can be in a number of forms; internal, external or underground.

After install, we will go ahead and terminate cabling. Depending on the requirements, Fibre terminations maybe differ. Some will be terminated in man hole chambers, comms rooms or even at desks. Before we complete, we will carry out comprehensive testing – this could include OTDR, ILM and Visual Light Testing.

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