Data cabling / internal fit outs
Sectors include office, industrial and commercial cabling installs. Installations include copper, fibre, electrical and containment.

Fibre optic cabling
View images of our fibre optic works, which includes ODFs, patch panels, joints and more.

Data Centre Copper/Fibre & Containment works
View images of the latest data centre we have recently worked in. Works include installation of Cat6a cabling, OS2 fibre optics and bespoke containment.

Our containment installs can be seen here, this includes trunking, conduit, clips and more.

Comms Room Rebuild – Webster & Horsfall
A rebuild of Webster & Horsfall comms room in Hay Mills, West Midlands. W&H commonly known for the first successful transatlantic cable installation. Works were carried out over multiple weekends to ensure minimal downtime.

Comms Room Rebuild – Sharps Bedrooms
A rebuild of Sharps Bedrooms HQ comms room in Bilston, West Midlands. Sharps is a fitted bedroom / home office manufacturer. Works were carried out during the night over 3 weeks to ensure minimal downtime.

Comms Room Rebuild – Beiersdorf
A rebuild of Beiersdorf comms room in Witton, West Midlands. Works were carried out over multiple weekends to ensure minimal downtime. Beiersdorf is a multinational personal care product manufacturer (inc Nivea & Elastoplast).

Comms Room Rebuild – BPX
A rebuild of BPX HQ comms room in Rothley, Leicester. BPX supply customers worldwide with automation and control products. Works were carried out during weekends only to ensure minimal downtime.

External cabling works
See some of our external works here, including fibre jointing, chambers, rod roping and more.

Other images
See some more of our images here. This section will also include industry specific images:

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