Wifi Cabling – Technology has helped us develop with leaps and bounds over the years. One of the most common developments that we can witness within our surroundings is the reduced number of wires. There is no doubt that wired networks have been in use for a long time and they have their own benefits. However, our current generation is more tuned into the wireless hype.

What is a Wireless Network?

A wireless network uses radio waves instead of tangible cable wires to connect different devices like your laptops to the internet, business networks and the applications within it. For example, we are used to connecting our laptops or smartphones to Wi-Fi hotspots we find in cafes, hotels, airports and other public places. Whenever we connect in this way, we are actually connecting into the wireless network of that particular business.

Wired Networks or Wireless Networks?

This is a common question since there is still a conflict over the benefits of each. It could be safely assumed that your choice can highly depend on your needs. In the past, it was often believed that wired networks were much faster and even safer than wireless networks. However, technology is that one field that just keeps improving and there is a fair amount of innovation. All these developments have made the speed and security arguments quiet down.

Benefits of a Wireless Network

Wireless cabling and Wi-Fi cabling has been quite beneficial for many people including the business sector. Here are a few benefits of wireless networks:

Wired networks have been in use for a long while and they have been a solution to many problems. However, daily life has become more demanding. The idea of using the internet only when you are at a fixed location is no more useful. The Internet has become a vital part of our personal and public life. We often need to work and communicate from remote locations. Wireless networks and Wi-Fi hotspots have been very convenient in this matter.

Nowadays, people are living on the go. Working from a fixed place is no more compatible with the current fast paced life. There are more tasks to be completed and less time. Therefore, people have become inclined towards using wireless networks to stay in touch and meet deadlines from remote locations.

The business world is highly competitive and organisations need their employees to be more productive than ever. Most people are still working even when they leave their office premises. This is only possible because of the availability of wireless networks. The Internet is a vital resource in any organisation and wireless networks provide a wider freedom of working easily and on the go.

Wires are always hard to work with. It is also difficult to manage them because they tangle easily. Instead of having 200 wired connections, you could have 1 wired connection to a Wireless Access Point which is capable of serving this many connections.

Our requirements can change over time and it can become costly to expand a wired network. On the other hand, wireless networks are easier to expand and upgrade in the future.

For a long time, people have believed wired networks to be more secure but advancements in software have allowed wireless networks to catch up with the same type of protection as of wired networks.

Areas we cover

We have been fortunate enough to carry out cabling works throughout Europe. We cover ALL areas within the UK and Europe, majority of our work is in the following areas: Coventry (Warwickshire), Nuneaton (Warwickshire), Leicester (Leicestershire), Rugby (Warwickshire), Leamington (Warwickshire), Solihull (West Midlands), Birmingham (West Midlands), Redditch (Worcestershire), Worcester (Worcestershire), Tamworth (Staffordshire).

Where is Wifi Cabling used?


Industrial Buildings

Data Centre’s

Hotel & Apartments


Leisure & Retail

Commercial Buildings

Educational Sector

and many more…

How Netserve Cabling can help install your perfect Wireless Network

Netserve Cabling is a UK based company providing cabling solutions to different areas across the country. Our team is made up of skilled, trained and professional people who have reasonable expertise in the field of cabling for different purposes. We are able to install Wifi and Hotspot points through your building; we are accredited with most of the major manufacturers so are able to offer you the highest quality of products and our expertise installation service.

We are able to run the correct amount of cabling for the desired number of Wireless Access Points for your location. These cables can be hidden in different types of containments or under floors/above ceilings. We will also terminate cable runs and carry out final tests on cables to ensure the desired transmission capability.

Although we usually only get involved in running all of the cables, we have mounted hundreds of access points (AP’s) for our clients. We can mount them on ceilings, walls, suspended ceilings and purpose mounted poles. We will ensure the wires are ran neatly as with any equipment that is mounted.

We can even supply your desired wireless products. We have sourced some of the following Wireless products in the past; Aruba, Cisco, Ruckus, Unifi, Zyxel. We will also provide different cabling options from manufactures such as HellermannTyton, Nexans, Brand-Rex, Excel and more.

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    In depth Fluke cable testing

    Comprehensive Wifi Survey

    Many mounting options

    Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, Fibre Cabling

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